Until the internet, the telephone was the most groundbreaking communications technology ever introduced to the business world. Today, despite the internet’s usefulness and prevalence, the telephone continues to be a staple communications system around the world, refined and enriched rather than deprecated by advancing technology.  The telephone, as either a base technology or a conceptual form for the technology to take, is not going to go away. And this is a good thing, because there are so many advantages of utilizing business phone systems even with small businesses.

The trick with small businesses is, if they do it right, they grow, and often rapidly. A business can triple or even quadruple their customer base in a week’s time. As the internet proliferates even more strongly, this can happen at even more ridiculous rates in the future.

As a result, a business needs their communication system to grow with them as well. A home phone system will quickly run out of growing space after a small handful of upgrades. However, a business phone system is modular, and designed to be capable of meeting the needs of businesses of any size or type. This allows for the business to expand their call capacity, able to receive and send calls massively parallel over a single line. Without this feature, a small business using a home phone would quickly be choked by the inability to communicate with its customer base.

Recently small businesses have used the international market (via internet) as a viable strategy out of the gate. The advantage with a business phone line here is quite obvious. International calling is expensive, especially if it needs to be handled in a massive parallel with may calls coming and going from the business. A home phone would get costly, and ultimately fail in its capacity to serve with this massive volume of international calls.

Business phone systems also offer higher levels of audio quality and reliability than a home phone, due to having a slightly higher cost. This has resulted in most business phone systems being the first to be upgraded to new backbones (fiber line types), technologies and securities. Choosing a business phone system would, therefore, give a small business access to state of the art equipment and lines, crystal-quality audio and peace of mind security.

Security is important these days more than ever before. Business phone systems offer methods to help thwart vandalism, line tapping and other forms of calamitous intent which ne’er-do-wells may wish to engage in. This protection is not only good for peace of mind, but it is also a massive money saver, preventing constant outages (and business loss) as well as the incalculable losses which corporate sabotage may incur.

Ultimately, the advantages are obvious. A business is a business regardless its size, and when choosing a phone system, a business needs certain things. All businesses need security, quality equipment and a powerful line that can handle the increasing growth of a business’s communications need. Home phone service is great, but truly, only a business phone system can put all of that on its resume and not be a liar.