Learn More About the NEC UX5000 Phone System

The NEC UX5000 is the ideal solution for both improving business processes with telephony applications and reducing recurring ownership costs by leveraging VoIP and ease of maintenance of the UX500.

The NEC UX5000 supports pure VoIP, seamless networking, traditional digital, or a combination of all three to meet your needs. The system allows your entire voice and data network to be run over the same connection creating a significant cost saving and convenience of only needing one service provider.

Advanced productivity tools integrate your telephones with the software applications that run you business.  The NEC UX5000 brings caller information directly to your PC allowing your users to track call, automatically retrieve customer accounts, interfacing voice mail to emails and recording calls giving your business the competitive edge with both customer service and efficiency of call handling.

For businesses with multiple sites CygniLink networking allows you to reduce costs and improve efficiency by transparently sharing resources between sites, ease of transferring calls and reducing staff needed to answer calls multiple sites.

The NEC UX5000 phone system allows you to choose a 100% VoIP installation, the flexibility of starting with traditional telephony and migrating in the future or a combination of both.  This flexibility gives you the security that your investment is protected.

With the combination of the features oriented around business growth, savings of VoIP, and the reduced cost of ownership because of the ease of maintenance there is no wonder NEC is #1 globally in small and medium sized business communications systems.

The NEC UX5000 supports up to 200 lines and 512 stations per site and up to 50 sites with aspire net networking.

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