Learn More About the NEC Aspire Phone System

The NEC Aspire is predecessor to the NEC UX5000 and has a migration path to convert to the new UX5000 platform. The NEC Aspire can be configured up to 512 extensions and can have up to 200 trunk ports. Aspire Net networking and VoIP allows to you to leverage VoIP technologies to allow your remote workers and remote office to act as one unified office.

The NEC Aspire is the first system in the series to allow for browser based system maintenance and programming that can be accessed both onsite and over the Internet.

The browser based programming simplifies user programming changes to finally allows users to change names, speed dial settings etc…. without having to pay for a technician to be dispatched.

Special PC software is also available for off-line programming, creating system backups and remote access by modem or data network.

NEC Aspire Phone System
NEC Aspire Voice Mail

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