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At Armstrong Telecom we don’t believe in bundled solutions.  Every business requires its own unique set of customized tool sets to manage customers, track employee communications and achieve company growth.  Our experts can tailor your business an integrated telecom system designed to grow in parallel with your company’s achievements.

Regardless of whether your business is a start-up or an enterprise level business, running your company can be a daunting task.  From putting together an winning team to employing the best technology in order to streamline your workflow, there are sizable considerations to be made.  One important aspect of your daily operations that we have the expertise and experience to help you integrate is your business telecom system.  Your telecom system is the lifeblood of your business.  Keeping in contact with your customers and employees allows you to be involved in every step of commerce and allows you, as the owner, to keep your finger on the pulse of your company at all times.  Our experienced team can put together a customized system which will increase productivity and help expedite every aspect of your daily telecom operations.

Advanced Connectivity Solutions

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Integrated Mobility Solutions

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Compatible Phone Systems

NEC-SV8100 Phone System

The NEC SV8100 phone system is the ideal system for small and medium sized businesses want to have the competitive edge over their customers.

NEC-UX5000 Phone System

The NEC UX5000 is the ideal solution for both improving business processes with telephony applications and reducing recurring ownership costs

NEC-Aspire Phone System

The NEC Aspire is predecessor to the NEC UX5000 and has a migration path to convert to the new UX5000 platform.

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